Squashes, Zucchinis and Cucumbers

Winter Squash

Spaghetti Squash:

Mildly sweet with stringy flesh. Perfection as a cold pasta salad or covered in spaghetti sauce. 8- 10 inches in length. 70 day.

Plant one per hill, with 3 feet of space between hills or other crops. Recommend planting on the edge of your garden where it can be trained to vine away from other crops.


Table Queen Acorn Squash:

Traditional acorn squash bears a generous harvest of dark green, grooved acorn-shaped fruits that weigh in at approximately 1.5lbs. The medium thick flesh is pale orange, dry and sweet with a wonderfully distinct flavour. 80 day.

Allow each plant two square foot of space.


Summer Squash

Black Beauty Zucchini:

Produces glossy green zucchini over a long season. Harvest at 7-8" (18-20 cm). Compact bush variety suitable for small gardens and containers. Best variety for freezing. 60 Day.

Allow each plant two square feet of space.


Gold Rush Zucchini:

Classic zucchini flavour that is tasty in salads, breads, baked, or stir-fried. classic delicious zucchini flavour. Boasts bright golden yellow skin that hides a tender creamy flesh. The compact plants are highly productive and yield dozens of 7-8” cylindrical, slightly ridged fruits. 50 Day.

Allow each plant two square feet of space.


White Vegetable Marrow:

Large bushes produce pale oval squash, can be used as a zucchini just after pollination, or left to mature. When mature at 25cm (10"), it has hard white skin and creamy interior that is popular for stuffing and baking. The compact size ideal for limited space. Plants are prolific and will produce over a long summer season if kept picked. 85 Day to full maturity.

Allow each plant two square feet of space.


Wisconsin Pickling:

58 days. A popular pickling cucumber, Wisconsin SMR 58 produces a profusion of 15cm (6") long and 6cm (2 1/2") wide fruits that are medium green, crisp and straight. The plants are naturally resistant to Cucumber Scab and Black Spot and are Mosaic resistant.

Lemon Cucumber:

65 days. Small, round, pale yellow cucumbers is appreciated for its mild, sweet flavor and cool, crispy texture. Lemon cucumber plants continue to produce later in the season than most other varieties. Typically grown to 4-7cm (1.5- 2.5") in diameter this versatile cucumber is sweet and flavourful.


Straight Eight Slicing:

63 days. Straight 8 produces a bounty of dark green cucumbers that are 18-20cm (7-8") long, smooth skinned and tasty. This popular variety is also tolerant to Cucumber Mosaic Virus.


Cucumbers planting guide:

Trellised plants can be grown 8" apart in the row, with 24" between the rows. This makes for the most efficient use of space in the garden, but be careful to not shade other plants that need sunlight. Consider adding peas or beans to share the trellis.

Alternatively, plant three cucumbers on a mound or “cucumber hill”, built by digging a hole 12" in diameter and 12" deep. Half fill the hole with compost and then return the soil to the hole, leaving a slightly raised mound. Plants will need room to sprawl up to 3 feet around the hill. Use this space early season for fast growing crops you will harvest before cucumber plants are full size.