What's Ready for Pickup?

Only some plants are ready for pickup, please read this page and our Policies and Pickup Information page carefully.
Updated: June 8th, 2021

 Ready to Plant Outside

-Be ready to cover at night when there’s a risk of frost
-Do not plant with risk frost in immediate 3 day forecast

Seed Potatoes
Broccoli – Waltham 29
Cabbage – Tiara
Cauliflower – Candid Charm
Kohlrabi – Konan
Lettuce – Romaine
Rutabaga – Sweet Green
Rutabaga – York
Tarragon - Russian
Cabbage – Red Acre
Kale – Lacinato


Cautiously Ready to Plant Outside
-Cover or bring into unheated greenhouses on nights forecast to dip below 5 degrees
-Do not plant with risk of frost in immediate 3 day forecast

Mint (Seedlings only, not baskets)
Parsley – Forest Green, Curly
Parsley – Italian Flat Leaf
Lemon Balm
Savoury – Winter


Ready for Heated Greenhouse
If greenhouse is unheated, can bring inside home at night
Pepper – Early California Wonder
Pepper – Early Jalapeno
Pepper – Hungarian Sweet Wax
Tomato – Big Beef
Tomato – Tiny Tim (seedlings only, not baskets)
Cuban Oregano
Tomato – Tiny Tim (hanging baskets)


Not Ready for Pickup:

Aloe Vera
Mint – Hanging Baskets
Tomato – Roma*
Tomato – Scotia*
Kale - Winter Variety*

*potential crop failure, if you have these pre-ordered you should have received an email May 31st 2021

Cucurbits will not be ready until end of June.
They are very tender to frost so we time them specifically this way.
Cucurbits include:
Cucumber - Diva Hybrid
Cucumber - Lemon
Cucumber - Straight 8
Cucumber - Wisconsin Pickling
Pumpkin  - Early Sugar Pie
Pumpkin - Racer Plus
Squash – Acorn Table Queen
Squash – Spaghetti
Summer Squash – White Vegetable Marrow
Zucchini - Black Beauty
Zucchini - Gold Rush